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Roman father exposed for using a woman as a sex doll, Forcing her to abort countless pregnancies

A middle-aged Ghanaian woman has taken legal action against a well-known Roman Catholic priest, whose name is being withheld, for allegedly exploiting her and pressuring her into multiple abortions. The woman, who appeared on a radio show on Asempa FM, claimed that the priest had promised to improve her life and had indeed followed through on his promise.

During the live radio discussion, the woman revealed that she had been instructed by the priest, who is based in Kumasi, to move into the mission house with him, but was warned to keep their arrangement a secret. She further disclosed that the priest had taken her to strip clubs and other nightlife venues for entertainment while they were living together in secrecy.

Over time, their relationship developed, and they began engaging in a sexual relationship. The woman became pregnant on multiple occasions, but the priest coerced her into having abortions, as the public revelation of their affair would have gone against the doctrines of their priesthood, which strictly forbids any form of sexual involvement.

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