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Ruda Myle Official Set to Release New Afrobeats Anthem ‘I’m Okay’ and Provides Reasons Why You Should Listen to This Song

Afrobeats sensation Ruda Myle is gearing up for the release of his latest track, “I’m Ok,” showcasing his undeniable talent as a rising artist in the music scene. For Ruda Myle, music is not just a craft; it’s an integral part of who he is. Drawing inspiration from the performances of established musicians, particularly finding motivation in the works of Stonebwoy, Ruda Myle aspires to leave his mark on the industry.

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Ruda Myle

What sets Ruda Myle apart is the maturity and wisdom embedded in every lyric of his songs. His music serves as a profound reflection of life’s challenges, portraying his journey of overcoming obstacles. To him, his uniqueness lies in being an unwitting blessing to society through his musical expressions.

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The anticipation for “I’m Ok” is heightened by the promise of delving into universal desires and relatable experiences. Ruda Myle reveals that the track encapsulates what people truly yearn for in life. With a claim to a heightened creative state during its production, he asserts that this song is a must-listen.

Taking control of the creative process, Ruda Myle not only lent his voice but also took charge of the songwriting. The upcoming single is a product of his collaboration with the skilled producer and mixer, MYRON BEATX. As the release date approaches on December 15th, fans can look forward to finding “I’m Ok” on various platforms such as Audiomack, Spotify, SoundCloud, and YouTube.

Ruda Myle’s musical journey extends beyond this single, with a total of 16 songs to his credit so far. Eleven have already been released, and six are part of his upcoming EP, “The Cobbler Boy.” Notably, the track “MevsMe” has already made its debut from the EP, offering a glimpse into the artistry that defines Ruda Myle’s work. The EP’s tracklist includes “Diamondplatter,” “Kafeila,” “Alone,” and “Fire Love” featuring Poxible and Cp. With a diverse range of tracks, Ruda Myle is poised to make a lasting impact on the music landscape


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