Sarkodie Fires Back at Yvonne Nelson’s Accusations

Ghanaian rapper Sarkodie has recently broken his silence in response to the allegations made by popular actress Yvonne Nelson. In her book, titled “I am Not Yvonne Nelson,” she claimed that Sarkodie impregnated her and pressured her to have an abortion. However, in a new song titled “Try Me,” Sarkodie has called out Yvonne Nelson, accusing her of lying in her book. This unexpected turn of events has sparked widespread interest and discussion.

Yvonne Nelson’s book, “I am Not Yvonne Nelson,” unveiled a shocking revelation where she claimed that Sarkodie had impregnated her in the past. She further alleged that the rapper had urged her to terminate the pregnancy. These claims stirred a significant amount of controversy, leaving fans and the media eager to hear Sarkodie’s side of the story.

Sarkodie has chosen to address the allegations head-on in his latest song, “Try Me.” The track not only responds to Yvonne Nelson’s accusations but also calls her out for what he perceives as falsehoods presented in her book. The rapper challenges her credibility, leaving fans curious to know the truth behind the conflicting narratives.

The public response to this ongoing saga has been mixed. Some fans have expressed disappointment in both Yvonne Nelson and Sarkodie for airing their matters in the public eye. Others have taken sides, supporting either the actress or the rapper based on personal beliefs and biases.

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