Thick Black Lady With Fine Shape Catwalks on Road Video Causes Buzz

“See Problem” : Thick Black Lady With Fine Shape Catwalks on Road, Video Causes stir

In a recent viral video shared by @abavibes on YouTube, a stunning black woman turned heads as she confidently walked down the street, leaving netizens in awe of her captivating body shape. The short clip showcased her graceful stride and poise, capturing the attention of viewers across the internet.

Dressed in a pair of sleek black pants and a form-fitting top, accessorized with a stylish brown-colored bag, the woman exuded confidence and elegance. As the camera followed her every move, her magnetic presence drew praise and admiration from many quarters of the online community.

However, amidst the admiration, a wave of concern emerged. Some netizens expressed worries about the potential health implications of her distinctive body build. Comments flooded the video’s comments section, highlighting the contrasting viewpoints on her figure and its impact on her future well-being.

One commentator, identified as Runor, questioned the balance of such a figure, stating, “How is this even fine? Too much of everything is bad.”

@official_eezomatic humorously confessed, “I can’t even walk side by side with this kind of woman, the shyness won’t let me walk properly, God forbid.”

Adropofwealth echoed the sentiment of moderation, emphasizing, “Too much of everything is bad”

As the debate continued, another perspective emerged, focusing on the potential challenges that might arise with age. @sexykayla234 raised the question, “Nobody is talking about old age home.”

@ileomah chimed in, adding, “These people don’t seem to consider old age, but what do I know.”

In contrast, @drchubbygideon advocated against body shaming, asserting, “Not nice. No body shaming.”

While opinions varied, the discussion also extended to the woman’s impressive self-assurance and the backdrop of the video. @deoproducer appreciated the overall aesthetics, noting, “I like the background and the music playing in the video.”

With a touch of humor, @bouqui.adamz summed up the sentiments with a simple comment, “Lol, this is funny.”

Watch the video below



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