Marcel and One Naira are arguably the finest vocalists in the Savanna area, geographically. These two have earned respect for having sweet and succulent voices that can melt the heart of a hard-to-get-lady. One should imagine what will come out of the booth when Marcel and One Naira blend their voices in a song titled, Bullet-Proof (Remix).
The vocal king Marcel, had set today to release his song, “Bless We Again”. But speaking to exclusively, he said, the swap of songs is as a result of a change in plans. “There is a plan to shoot a video and release it alongside the song, so its release date, had to be shifted”, he said.

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The vocal king added that he is well aware fans are disappointed with the change in plans. But he had to swap to in a way, to soothe fans and give them something exquisite to munch in the meantime.
While we all wait for “Bless We Again”, let’s enjoy this beautiful and nicely produced song, Bullet-Proof from the Dagara Gbeing Muzik who will dazzle fans as usual, with sweet melodies from two vocal kings.

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