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Nite Kid & Swaglord – Journey | Download

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Talented young singer Nite Kid has recently released a new song titled “Journey,” featuring Dancehall artist Swaglord. The track serves as a motivational anthem, inspiring both Nite Kid’s fans and music enthusiasts to persevere through their struggles. “Journey” emphasizes the importance of diligence and resilience, urging listeners to remain steadfast in their pursuits despite challenges they may encounter along the …

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Swaglord – Hit and Blow | Download

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SWAGLORD has recently dropped a new track titled “HIT and BLOW,” aiming to uplift his loyal fan base. This song dives into the hopes and dreams of young individuals hustling to make it big someday. SWAGLORD poured his heart and soul into the lyrics, showcasing his freestyle talent and rhythmic skills, ensuring the song resonates deeply with listeners and becomes …

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AlaptaWan – Vaganza | Download Mp3

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The wait is over! “Alaptawan-Vaganza” is now available. “Vaganza” signifies celebration, and as we enter the festive season, Alapta Wan has decided to treat her fans to a lively Amapiano tune titled “Vaganza.” Download the song below.   [Download]  

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Carlblingx JogoBu ft Gingsen – Kwa-Kwa-Kwa | Download MP3

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Rapper Carlblingx Jogobu has just dropped his highly anticipated single titled ‘Kwa-kwa-kwa,’ featuring the Bolgatanga-based rapper Gingsen. The term ‘Kwa-kwa-kwa’ refers to the minor hustles people undertake on the streets to make a living. In the song, Carlblingx reflects on how he relies on these street hustles to survive, with faith in God. This collaboration between Carlblingx and Gingsen is …

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Kuami Eugene Explains Why He Now Uses More English in His Songs

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Kuami Eugene has shared the reasons behind his increased use of English in his songs. He explained that his association with Empire record label has played a significant role in this shift, as they require him to adhere to a specific music style. During an interview on Joy FM’s Showbiz A-Z, he revealed that Empire expects him to incorporate more …

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Kwaku Melody – KizNtel | Download MP3

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Emerging artist Kwaku Melody has just released a fresh track named “KizNtel” or “Kiss and Tell.” In this song, he passionately declares his love for a special someone, emphasizing that she holds the key to his heart. He vows to keep their romance a secret and assures that their love will be of high quality, drawing a comparison to a …

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Why Bongo Ideas Thinks Kuami Eugene Should Be Celebrated More

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In the vibrant world of music, Ghana has been graced by numerous gifted artists who’ve given us unforgettable tunes. Among them, Kuami Eugene emerges as a standout figure, not just for his remarkable talent but for the remarkable contributions he’s made to the music industry. Albert Nat Hyde, affectionately known as Bongo Ideas, believes it’s high time we celebrate and …

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Meet Kizz Daniel’s Bouncer, Kelvin Atobiloye

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Meet Atobiloye Kelvin, the man responsible for the safety and security of Afrobeats sensation Kizz Daniel. While he’s already in the spotlight, Kelvin has been making waves on social media for a different reason recently. Beyond his role as a security guard, Kelvin is an active sports enthusiast. His primary duty, however, is to ensure the safety of Kizz Daniel …

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Fyme Akabwoy – Low key | Download Mp3

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Fyme Akabwoy is back in the spotlight with his latest release, “Low Key.” This song is more than just music; it’s a heartfelt journey that eloquently paints the picture of life’s struggles, progress, and the roads we all travel. Akabwoy, a favorite among music enthusiasts, skillfully weaves English with Frafra/Nankam and traces of Twi, creating a melodic and emotional resonant …

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Shatta Pique Returns Strong with ‘Don Blow’

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After dropping ‘Patampatam,’ many thought it was a one-hit wonder for Shatta Pique. Finally, he is back with another hit titled ‘Don Blow.’ ‘Don Blow’ is a song that talks about his critics, his colleagues, and fans who underrate his music and believe music is not his calling. In the song, Shatta Pique talked about how music has no scientific …

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