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Video: Acxionboi recruits rapper CJ on a new song titled “Mim (Fire),” released with its official video

Paga-based Reggae Dancehall artist, Acxionboi, has collaborated with rapper CJ Biggerman on a vibrant new afropiano dance tune titled “Mim (Fire),” accompanied by an official music video. The Kassem word “Mim” translates to “Fire” in English, serving as a symbolic title for the song. Acxionboi intends to convey a message to his fans, emphasizing his commitment to hard work, described as hotter than fire.

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While Acxionboi is widely recognized for his reggae dancehall repertoire, “Mim” stands out as a unique addition to his discography. The song marks the first collaboration between the Paga-based artist and rapper CJ Biggerman, showcasing a fusion of their distinct styles. With “Mim,” Acxionboi signals a bold approach, promising his audience an intensified level of dedication and passion in his upcoming work.

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Acxioboi and CJ biggerMan

The track “Mim” is featured on Acxionboi’s upcoming album, for which the title and release date are yet to be decided. Despite the uncertainty, he encourages fans to anticipate the album’s arrival. As the artist ventures into new musical territories with this collaboration, the anticipation for the full album release grows among his followers.Experience both the audio and official video of “Mim” by streaming through the provided links

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