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Watch Video: “Omo James brown Touch Everything without fear” – Fans reacts as he carries Destiny Etiko in his arms in Video

Actress Destiny Etiko and crossdresser James Brown shared a friendly stunt, captured in a video on Destiny’s IG page. The clip featured a warm exchange and a playful moment where James Brown lifted Destiny, earning praise for his strength.

Destiny, in the caption, acknowledged James Brown’s strength, humorously describing him as a “real man” with fire emojis. The video sparked reactions from fans, with one noting crossdressers dressing according to their gender when visiting Benin.

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Other reactions ranged from admiration for the entertaining content to playful comments about James Brown’s actions. Some teased about the crossdresser enjoying himself and others acknowledged the humor in the situation.

One comment highlighted Destiny’s reaction, mentioning that she acknowledged James Brown’s prowess, shouting that he is a senior man. The playful banter continued with fans expressing amusement and teasing.

Fans couldn’t help but comment on the dynamic between Destiny and James Brown, with some jokingly cautioning James to take it easy on Destiny, while others joined in the laughter, acknowledging the entertaining nature of the video.

The comment section reflected a mix of humor, teasing, and appreciation for the playful interaction between Destiny Etiko and James Brown. From remarks about dressing styles to playful jabs, fans engaged in the light-hearted atmosphere created by the video.


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