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Christian Atsu’s wife and son pay final visit to his grave before leaving for Uk

Marie-Claire Rupio, the widow of Christian Atsu, recently paid a final visit to her late husband’s grave before departing Ghana with her children. Atsu’s family had traveled to Ghana for his state funeral, which was attended by prominent figures such as the former President of Ghana, John Dramani Mahama, the current Vice President, as well as current and former players and fans.

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After the funeral service, Atsu’s remains were taken to his hometown of Ada for burial. A photograph has surfaced on social media of Marie-Claire and one of their sons paying their respects at his grave before departing back to their home.

However, the departure of Atsu’s family from Ghana has raised questions about the children’s connection to their Ghanaian heritage and their relationship with their extended family in Ghana. Some argue that it is important for the Twasam family to make an effort to keep the children connected to their roots by visiting Ghana regularly. Others feel that if Atsu’s family does not make an effort to bring the children back to Ghana, the legacy of the late footballer may be lost forever.


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