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“Don’t come to my studio for recording if you don’t have at least GH¢1000,” De Fly declares

Music producer De Fly has announced a new policy requiring artists to have a minimum of GH¢1000 before recording at his studio. Citing years of experience and industry insights, he aims to elevate his brand by working with serious and talented individuals. This decision reflects his desire to invest his time and expertise wisely, focusing on projects that align with his standards and ambitions.

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Producer De Fly in His Studio

Having honed his craft through collaborations and industry connections, De Fly emphasizes the importance of pushing boundaries and nurturing genuine talent. He seeks to curate a selective roster of artists who are committed to his terms and conditions, fostering a collaborative environment conducive to creativity and success.

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Call the Above number for your recordings

Known for producing hit tracks like “Navrongo Girl” and “Zeera,” De Fly’s reputation precedes him in the Navrongo music scene. His decision to prioritize quality over quantity underscores his dedication to excellence, ensuring that his contributions to the industry remain impactful and enduring. Listen to his voice recording below




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