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Meet Dedulo Addi Festus: The Voice behind the Hit Song ‘Manga’

Jay Eye, also known as Dedulo Addi Festus, hails from Manyoro in Navrongo. Since 2016, he has delved into music, particularly in his local Kasem dialect, and began recording in 2020. His debut release in 2021, “Manga,” carries a profound message about time – a concept deeply ingrained in his culture. Derived from the Kassena language, “Manga” symbolizes the essence of time and its multifaceted influence on life’s journey.

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Jay Eye

The song reflects Jay Eye’s personal experiences and resilience in the face of adversity. Through its lyrics, he imparts wisdom garnered from his struggles, emphasizing the importance of perseverance and patience. Jay Eye’s intention behind “Manga” is to inspire the youth, encouraging them to endure hardships while maintaining faith in divine timing.

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Jay Eye

With plans for future releases and visual accompaniments, Jay Eye aims to amplify his message of hope and resilience. He invites his audience to anticipate forthcoming works, promising a continuation of his motivational narrative and a celebration of perseverance. Watch the official video of the song below


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