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Download: Fasetwo ft. Adangba – “A Di Kaani”: A Captivating Kasena Melody Celebrating Love

Kasem music enthusiasts have reason to rejoice as Fasetwo, the talented artist, has collaborated with the legendary Michael Adangba to create a mesmerizing new song titled “A Di Kaani.” This delightful Kasena tune captures the essence of love and is a testament to the rich musical heritage of Jogo-bia. With its melodious composition and heartfelt lyrics, “A Di Kaani” is bound to captivate listeners and leave them yearning for more.

“A Di Kaani”: Translated to English as “I am married,” the title of the song, “A Di Kaani,” holds deep significance. It speaks to the joy, excitement, and fulfillment that comes with embarking on a lifelong journey with a loved one. The lyrics are infused with heartfelt emotions, narrating the blissful experience of finding true love and the happiness that follows the union of two souls. Download the Song Below




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