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Heartbreak for GES Teacher as Aviator Wipes Out 40,000ghc Bank Loan in Seconds

A teacher employed by the Ghana Education Service (GES) has reportedly lost a bank loan of 40,000ghc in just 17 seconds while playing the popular Aviator game. The game, which is available on the MSport platform, requires the player to guide a pilot through increasing odds as they fly higher, with the possibility of winning or losing significant amounts of money.

According to Kofi Ofosu Nkansah, CEO of the National Entrepreneurship and Innovation Programme, who shared the story on his Facebook page, the teacher had taken out a loan to cover medical expenses for his sick mother. A friend had recommended the Aviator game as a way to quickly earn money, and the teacher had hoped to make 5,000ghc in a matter of seconds.

In his desperation to win big, the teacher deposited 20,000ghc into the game, hoping to withdraw a large profit quickly. However, he lost all of it within a matter of seconds and decided to try to recoup his losses. Under immense pressure, he continued playing and ended up losing the remaining 20,000ghc as well.

The teacher’s tragic story serves as a cautionary tale about the dangers of gambling and the risks associated with seeking quick financial gains. His mother’s medical expenses, as well as funeral costs, now weigh heavily on him, and the 40,000ghc loan is gone forever. It is a stark reminder to always exercise caution when engaging in gambling activities and to seek help if addiction becomes an issue. Read the full story below

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