Wekia fights back over claims of clay sanitary pad

Wekia Fights Back: Countering Ertonam’s Allegations of Clay Sanitary Pads in the North

In recent events, Rita Ertonam Sey, an NGO Inspire Today Ghana member, is at the center of a heated controversy. Ertonam made a series of unsubstantiated comments on GTV and TV3 Ghana, claiming that young girls from the northern regions of Ghana rely on clay as sanitary pads. These misleading and derogatory remarks have sparked outrage and drawn swift backlash from individuals nationwide.


One prominent voice challenging these stereotypes is Portia Wekia Danlogo, the GMB Representative for the upper east region in 2018 and a TikTok influencer from Navrongo. Wekia passionately spoke out against Ertonam and others who perpetuated the notion that the North is backward and its people are in the stone age.

Addressing the issue in a TikTok video, Wekia emphasized the need to debunk Ertonam’s claims, stating, “We often come across derogatory remarks that paint the North as a place solely comprising trees, rivers, dump people, and cattle. While Ertonam’s intentions may have been to help, her statement about clay as a sanitary pad is ridiculous and impractical. That would have made more sense if she had alleged the use of cloth or paper. The North has produced local and international leaders, and it is time to challenge this attitude that belittles us and perpetuates poverty. Give us, northerners, some breathing space.”

The response to Ertonam’s comments has been significant, with individuals from northern Ghana expressing their disappointment and calling for the philanthropist to apologize for projecting a negative image of the region. Social media platforms have been flooded with posts denouncing the generalization and demanding a more accurate representation of the North’s rich cultural heritage and intellectual contributions.

Meanwhile, both GTV and TV3 have issued statements dissociating themselves from the remarks made by Rita Ertonam Sey on their respective platforms. They emphasize that the views expressed by Ertonam do not reflect the channels’ stance and have apologized for any inconvenience caused.


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