Meet Shaddy Grace Dandongo: The 19-Year-Old Author Who Published a Languages Book

The world of literature is no longer exclusive to adults, as young writers are also making a name for themselves. Shaddy Grace Dandongo, a budding author from Navrongo, has set a record in her hometown as the youngest person to write a book.

Shaddy Grace’s book is a compilation of French and Spanish expressions, inspired by her love for languages. Her passion for linguistics led her to spend countless hours researching and studying these two languages, resulting in a comprehensive guidebook.

The book caters to a wide range of learners, from beginners to those with advanced knowledge in French and Spanish expressions. It includes practical tips on using these expressions in context, making it a valuable resource for language enthusiasts.

Shaddy Grace’s achievement is awe-inspiring, considering that she completed Kanton Senior High School and is only 19 years old. Her determination to pursue her passion for language and writing has led to this incredible accomplishment, and it is an inspiration to young people everywhere.

This book is a testament to the rewards of hard work and dedication. Shaddy Grace’s passion for learning and her love for languages have allowed her to create something remarkable, and we can only imagine the many great things she will accomplish in the future.

Shaddy Grace Dandongo is an excellent example of what can be achieved with dedication, passion, and hard work. Her book on French and Spanish expressions is a testament to her commitment to learning and sharing her knowledge with others. We look forward to seeing what other amazing accomplishments she will achieve in the future.


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