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Miss Upper East Ghana Beauty Pageant Loses Major Sponsor.

Miss Upper East Ghana, the prestigious yearly beauty pageant organized by Ayelbis events, has regrettably lost its principal sponsor, Happy man bitters, for this year\’s edition.

Timbiagh sources closed to the event organizers disclosed that the reputable brand, Happy man bitters that have shouldered most of the entertainment industry programs in the upper east region, decided to bow out from this year\’s MUEG.

Timbiagh investigations revealed that there had not been any official statements from the Happy Man Bitters to the public explaining this year\’s exit. Still, our Unconfirmed analyses show that it has to do with lapses and failed promises by the event organizers, which started generating repugnant criticism resulting in Happy Man Bitters\’s exit to protect its brand integrity and reputation.

When timbiagh contacted the event organizer, Toni Ayelbis Atubiga, to verify the claims, he declined to comment on the issue. He, however, stated, despite a few lapses in the past events, they have taken notes on some of the constructive criticism from the people of the Upper East region to make this year\’s event better.


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