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Useless, Baseless And Senseless Politics Is Stifling Navrongo\’s Development; Tangoba Abayage

The former Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage has expressed worry and shock over what she described as unhealthy politicking which has created darkness in some portions of the Kassena Nankana Municipality and stifling development.

The former Minister in a Facebook post today(12th Sept 2021), expressed her disappointment at how streetlights mounted during her time to help fight armed-robbery, had been stolen. She bemoaned the over politicization of the issue at the time which even saw a thief being rescued by politicians because her name was associated with the streetlights.

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According to the former Minister, even the streetlights that were mounted by the current MP, Honorable Sampson Tangombu Chiragia suffered the same toxic politicking and have been stolen too.

She stressed, \”we don’t hurt an individual; we hurt a whole constituency and generations to come with this our useless, baseless, selfish politics. If we love Navrongo that much we will think Navrongo first\”.


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