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Breaking: Former Interior Minister Mark Woyongo Dies at Age 74

233247920555 status 58b355f174f540fbb74612c2ee7f42f8 has reported the passing of Mark Owen Woyongo, the former Member of Parliament (MP) for Navrongo Central and ex-Interior Minister. The circumstances of his death remain unclear, but some of his social media followers are mourning his presumed demise on Wednesday, January 17, 2024. Mark Woyongo, who recently laid his son Kenneth Kwotua to rest at the age of …

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Video: Acxionboi recruits rapper CJ on a new song titled “Mim (Fire),” released with its official video

IMG 20240116 WA0034

Paga-based Reggae Dancehall artist, Acxionboi, has collaborated with rapper CJ Biggerman on a vibrant new afropiano dance tune titled “Mim (Fire),” accompanied by an official music video. The Kassem word “Mim” translates to “Fire” in English, serving as a symbolic title for the song. Acxionboi intends to convey a message to his fans, emphasizing his commitment to hard work, described …

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8 Benefits That Are More Important Than Receiving Money That Chef Faila Will Get From Breaking Longest Cooking World Record

chef faila, chef failatu

Ghanaian chef Failatu Abdul Razak, attempting to break the Guinness World Record for the longest cooking marathon, stands to gain various advantages beyond monetary rewards. 1. Recognition and prestige: Achieving a Guinness World Record brings global recognition and prestige. Chef Faila, already a household name in and out of Ghana, could see an enhancement of her reputation globally. She holds …

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