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“My girlfriend was making me fast every month meanwhile she was busy sleeping with our pastor” – Young man narrates in tears

20240109 191230

A young man, identified as Kefi, tearfully recounted an unfortunate experience on Twitter. He shared that his ex-girlfriend, who insisted on him observing monthly dry fasting, was simultaneously involved with a junior pastor. Kefi’s revelation followed advice on dating someone who strengthens your connection with God. His ex-girlfriend, despite enforcing religious practices like three-day dry fasting monthly, was engaging in …

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5 Key Revelations From BBC Documentary On TB Joshua That Might Make You Rethink Church Attendance – Number 2 Will Shock You.

20240109 150809

Following a BBC exposé, the late televangelist, Prophet Temitope Balogun Joshua, aka TB Joshua, has been trending on the internet since Sunday. According to a recent BBC report, Pastor TB Joshua allegedly mistreated and tortured members for more than 20 years. The BBC claims to have investigated the well-known Nigerian televangelist, who amassed a sizable worldwide following during his lifetime. …

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Massive Transformation – ‘No be Juju be this’ – How a lady used just 3 years to transform from a church girl to Kim Kardashian – watch Video

20240109 095147

TikTok user @dhark08 recently astonished social media with a remarkable transformation spanning from 2021 to 2023. Initially presenting a modest appearance in 2021, resembling a church girl, she underwent a noticeable change by 2022, acquiring curves and a heightened level of attractiveness. The most dramatic shift occurred in 2023, where she fully embraced her curves, emerging as a Nigerian counterpart …

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