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After Father Set CCTV Camera, See What He Found Daughter Doing In Her Room

Sleepwalking is a common sleep disorder that affects many people. However, one woman’s case stands out as one of the most peculiar I have ever come across. She always woke up with bruises on her body, which left her parents wondering what was wrong with their daughter. The fact that she wasn’t born with this problem made it even stranger.

Concerned about their daughter’s welfare, her parents decided to seek help from her school officials. The school officials suspected that the girl’s bruises might have been caused by physical abuse at home. The nature of the bruises suggested that the skin had been scratched, which was a cause for concern.

The issue was reported to social services, who then investigated the matter. However, the investigation revealed that the parents had nothing to do with their daughter’s bruises. This left the authorities scratching their heads, wondering what could be the cause of the problem.


The only way to get to the bottom of this mystery was to put a hidden camera in the girl’s room. The parents decided to set up CCTV cameras in their daughter’s room to find out what was causing her bruises. The next day, they checked the footage from the cameras and were shocked by what they saw.

The footage showed their daughter crawling violently on her back while she slept as if she were possessed by a demon. This was a strange sight, and it left the parents wondering if their daughter was having trouble sleeping or if she was indeed possessed by a demon.

The situation was a cause for concern, but the parents decided to seek divine intervention. They turned to prayer, hoping that it would make a difference. A prayer is a powerful tool, and it can help us deal with difficult situations in life.

The case of the woman who woke up with bruises is a reminder that we live in a strange world. However, we can always turn to prayer for help in difficult situations. If you or someone you know is dealing with a similar situation, don’t hesitate to seek help. There is always a solution to every problem.


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