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Calblingx drops an impeccable tune \”Go back\”

Calblingx drops an impeccable tune \”Go back\”. Calblingx, CEO of the Jogo bu empire and music label Bawob3mo has dropped another hot tune in a collaboration with Miss Portia, the Vodafone icon 2018. The tune is for lovers, and it has so much to learn from.

Calblingx with a Degree in Integrated development studies and an MPhil in environment and resource management made a name and a remarkable Show event on his latest album launch  on the 25/12/2018 where people from far and near trooped in to support. People took to social media to express their excitement over the mega event that has never been witnessed anywhere in the Municipality.


Following his album launch, he had many radio interviews among which are Kesmi FM in Tamale, Nabina radio in Navrongo, Builsa radio in sandema etc. Whiles on air, the young and vibrant upcoming artist promised his fans to keep dropping fine tunes for them.


[easy_media_download url=\” https://timbiagh.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/go-back-by-calblingx.mp3\” force_dl=\”1\” text=\” https://timbiagh.com/wp-content/uploads/2019/02/download.gif\”]

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