Business Tycoon Blast Ghanaians over Valentines Day


Mr Anyanah Achelisewine Benjamin, CEO and founder of the Bencyn Group of companies, took to social media to express his concerns about how Africans have abandoned their identity. Mr Benjamin, who has been an advocate for maintaining African Culture, has expressed lots of concerns following the just ended Valentines day.

On a Facebook post, he noted how Africans have embraced foreign cultures whiles neglecting their very own practices. According to his post, lots of the young generation of today does not know about their festivals, way of worship, etc. But can explicitly give you details of foreign cultures without flaws.

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He writes:    “AFRICA my AFRICA

It is so surprising how we seem to know more about foreign festivals, culture events MORE than our own. Indians have “DIWALI’ HOLI, They give so much prominence to them that it promotes Tourism and its associated benefits.

NB: No matter how you know and talk about foreign cultures, the history is never in your favour

You can’t become a white man and Donald Trump cannot be wrong ” shithole countries’. You can never progress, develop, live in dignity, trying to be someone else. A lot of our children don’t know more about FAO festival, Aboakye festival etc, but can tell you more re about Valentine.

We can DO BETTER. You can ignore this and trivialize them, it does not MATTER but ignoring them does not change these facts. These are universal, timeless laws and does not need any person’s permission to work.”

He generally admonished the youth to take up their identity as Africans and hold on to it since it promotes tourism and other affiliated benefits for the country.