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Dr. Norbert Atodio in Hot Water for Burying Father in Car; Exhumation Imminent

Dr.Norbert Atodio is facing trouble after choosing to bury his father in a car instead of a traditional coffin. Norbert Atodio, who gained attention for his unconventional burial plans, has gone ahead with the burial despite warnings and directives from the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly, the Environmental Protection Agency, and National Security.

The exact nature of his offense is not known, but it is believed that Atodio had been advised against burying his father in a vehicle and disregarded the guidance. In an attempt to evade intervention from the assembly, he conducted the burial discreetly in his hometown of Doba during the early hours of Saturday.

Following the burial, Atodio went into hiding after learning that he could face arrest for violating the assembly and EPA directives. Sources suggest that the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly or the EPA may obtain a court warrant to exhume the body of Atodio’s father.

The use of a car as a coffin has been flagged by the EPA as environmentally harmful and prohibited. Despite being informed of this, Atodio chose to ignore the directive. In a video previously shared, Atodio showcased the white vehicle he intended to use and explained that burying his father in a car was a unique way to honor their strong bond.

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