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Former Minister Tangoba Abayage Slams Dr. Norbert for Controversial Car Burial

In a peculiar turn of events, businessman Norbert Atodio of Navrongo has come under heavy criticism from former Upper East Regional Minister, Tangoba Abayage, for burying his father in a Toyota Corolla car. The unconventional burial, which defied directives from local authorities, has sparked outrage and raised questions about Mr. Atodio’s moral obligations to his community.

Tangoba Abayage, a former Ghanaian Ambassador, has strongly condemned Mr. Atodio’s decision to use a car as a coffin for his father. She argues that while this act may have been intended as a tribute, it fails to address the pressing issues faced by the community. Abayage emphasizes that Mr. Atodio, who earns his wealth from the town, should have focused on contributing meaningfully to the lives of the people rather than engaging in an extravagant burial ceremony.

Mr. Atodio’s burial plans disregarded directives from the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly and the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) that explicitly prohibited burying bodies in vehicles. Despite these restrictions, he proceeded with the burial under the cover of darkness, attracting the attention of the National Security apparatus.

Norbert Atodio justified his decision to bury his father in a car by claiming it was his father’s wish and a unique way to honor his father’s memory. However, Tangoba Abayage argues that such an act does not do justice to the legacy of a respected herbalist. She suggests that instead of using the funds to purchase the car, Mr. Atodio could have invested in initiatives that would positively impact the community. Examples include establishing a herbal training center or improving his ailing radio station to benefit the public.

Expressing her strong disapproval, Tangoba Abayage took to Facebook to criticize Mr. Atodio’s actions. She questions his moral conscience and highlights the absence of major social interventions in his immediate community. Abayage contends that burying his father’s legacy in a car tomb represents a morally wrong choice, ultimately branding Mr. Atodio as morally bankrupt rather than a hero.

Mr. Atodio’s act of defiance has not gone unnoticed by the authorities. The National Security is currently pursuing legal action against him for violating directives set by the EPA and the Kassena Nankana Municipal Assembly. It remains to be seen what consequences await Mr. Atodio for his controversial burial ceremony.

Below is a link to her post on her official Facebook account


Below is a video of how Dr. Norbert Buried his father in a brand-new Car





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