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NABIO primary school received a new classroom block commissioned on 15/11/2020 by the then Kassena Nankana west district director, Hon. Gerard Ataogye. This classroom block was designated to aid in teaching and learning.


Unfortunately, it has become a common challenge in the school that pupils and teachers suffer the horrible stench of faeces in the classrooms defecated by unknown individuals.

Timbiagh sources reveal that, on the 24/03/2021, in what appears to be a beautiful Wednesday morning for teaching and learning, another heavy heap of human excreta was found in the classrooms. This evil act is believed to be a deliberate behavior of some community members since it is not the first time.


The headmistress of the school, Rose Afayore, lamented over the issue, thus had no option than to invite the assemblyman of the kajelo electoral areas, Hon. Aniakwo Hillary to witness the heap of human excreta. She noted for this kind of disrespect, disgust, and misbehavior by the community, the environment does not usher well for her and her team to work on that Wednesday morning. She has therefore decided to close down the school.

Timbiagh has since reached out to the kajelo electoral areas\’ assemblyman to get more details of the recent happenings in his domain. He confirmed the story and has assured the headmistress that drastic measures have been taken to ensure that such a distasteful act is not repeated in the school. He also noted that the school premises would be cleaned for the teaching staff and pupils to return to their daily duties.


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