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Nelo GH Drops A Tune To Teach FYME How To Settle Their Differences

Nelo GH Drops A Tune To Teach FYME How To Settle Their Differences. In less than two hours Nelo decided to teach FYME how their differences could have been packaged.

NeLo of Savannah Records exhibits how smart and creative musicians in Navrongo should present their talents and show their differences than to go dirty on Facebook disgracing themselves in the mere name of musical beef.
This project came as a result of the Facebook jabs between two signees of free your mind entertainment.
NeLo named this \”Shut up\” because he felt it\’s time to make peace and convert the dirty words to creativity to entertain their fans.
NeLo said his masterpiece is not a diss to the artist in question whom he respects in the game, but only showing them how better their differences could have been packaged.
Production credit goes to The beats Mayor(KobbyBeats)

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