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Upper East Music Awards Winning Structure “EXPOSED”.

If you think the 2019, 2020 Upper East Music Awards red carpet was on fire, wait till the 2021 edition comes through with a grand stake of GHC 20,000 to the overall artiste of the year sponsored by Happy Man Bitters. like each year, the Upper East music Awards night is reported to be flooded with magnitudes of engaging elements- cracking jokes, sudden wins, captivating appreciation speeches, and a pack of beauties.

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The award ceremony apprehends extremely good achievements within the Upper East music industry in cognizance with huge public interest. With just five days to close down voting towards honoring achievement in the music industry, this award is supposed to be more exciting than different awards shows, and this is why TimBia GH dive into digesting the criteria for selecting winners of each category. There are twenty-three(23) categories for this year\’s event, but the awarding criteria are grouped into nine(9). According to the event organizers, the cornerstone for awarding winners in this year\’s event will be merit-based.

UEMA Award-Winning Structure

  1. ARTISTE OF THE YEAR: The awardee will be a person with a higher audience and popularity. Must have released a HIT single/album in 2021, a 50% public votes, 25% Academy score, and 25% board score.
  2. INDUSTRY PERSON OF THE YEAR: The awardee of this category must have demonstrated unparalleled leadership, high-quality, and an outstanding record of significant contributions to the upper east music industry. The person with the highest public votes score wins this category.
  3. TRADITIONAL ARTISTE OF THE YEAR: This category award goes to the popular traditional songs in any language across the upper east region. It is also awarded to the artiste with high public votes score.
  4. RECORD OF THE YEAR: This category award goes to any music track that may not have gained success in the public space but has quality artistic value. The winner will be chosen based on a 40% public votes score, 30% academy score, 30% board score.
  5. HMB-MOST POPULAR SONG OF THE YEAR: This category award goes to a song that has enjoyed massive public patronage. It is purely awarded to a track with the highest public votes score.
  6. ALBUM OF THE YEAR: Any album with a compilation of hits and exciting music tracks within the year 2021 will take home this award. This category will be determined by a 40% public votes score and a 60 % board score.
  7. DIGITAL ARTISTE OF THE YEAR: This category award goes to any artiste who employs the latest interactive technologies to boost their craft. Apart from a 40% public votes score, a 60% board score will be based on the artiste\’s social media visibility, post engagements, and interactivity.   
  8. BEST NEW ACT: This category will go to any new artiste who appears talented and promising. The award goes to any new artiste who released a single/album that first shot them into the publicity in 2021
  9. OTHER CATEGORIES: The remaining categories will be based on a 60% public votes score and a 40% board score.

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